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Pizza Baker: Plastic recycle machine

Hello, recyclers!

I and a few other people have the idea of a pizza baker recycle machine.

This is like a combination of a sheet press, compression machine, and extrusion machine.

Basically there is a conveyor, a heating system, a roller, and a cooling system.

Here is the video of the machine actually working except it is making pizza:)

This machine should be easy to build because it’s already used by Domino Pizza. Not like other PP machines.

I will list some pros below.

  • More time-efficiency than sheet press/compression machine. Runs continually. More sustainable business model.

  • Easy to develop. Just some hacking.

  • Some companies already sell pizza bakers. The purpose is just a little different

  • Very important: Bake pizza if needed. :pizza:

  • Much more

Some cons too.

  • Might need two people to run the machine

  • There is no blueprint or anything. Be the first one to try.

  • Is it possible to collect enough plastic to keep the machine moving

  • Can’t bake pizza and plastic at the same time. Fumes. Unsafe. :sob: :pizza:

  • Maybe more. Reply to this.

Although there are many cons, the pros outweigh the cons now. There is a HUGE demand for developing this machine.

Perhaps someone or I can by the Pizza machine and do some hack :slight_smile: